The First Year Experience Office at Auburn University is committed to providing orientation, transition and retention programs for incoming freshmen and transfer students that promote intellectual and social development leading to personal and academic success. First Year Experience is responsible for oversight of the following areas:


What are our students, parents, and guests saying about FYE?

“I found that the connections that I made with the fellow upcoming freshmen were very important. Even though I might not be friends with them or even see them again, CWE made me more comfortable with meeting new people, and I now know at least a few more people attending Auburn in the fall, which makes the transition a little less intimidating.”
- Freshman Student

“I absolutely loved our experience at Camp War Eagle! I feel very informed and thankful to Auburn University for all of the opportunities and resources provided to the students. I am so excited for my daughter to start this new chapter of her life in Auburn!”
– Parent of Freshman Student

"UNIV 1050 really helped me improve my time management and note taking skills. I took away a more efficient scheduling method along with a more effective note taking style that have in turn helped me be successful in my other classes and extracurricular activities at Auburn."
- First Year Seminar Student & Peer Instructor

"Working in the FYE office taught me a plethora of things including appropriate communication skills, how to work as a team, public speaking, customer service skills, and so much more. I left that office a much different person than when I started there and owe it all to the student and professional staff that I worked with."
- Former FYE Student Leader

"I found that the small group times [during SOS] were very helpful because I was able to meet new people who were also transfer students that were going to be in the same [academic] college with me. My orientation leader was very helpful and answered any questions we had."
- Transfer Student

"A learning community can get you plugged into your major, you can meet new people. It allows you to expand your comfort zone and instead of just being friends with people in your hall, it allows you to meet other people and then you can meet their friends and then you have a whole circle of people with a common interest."
- First Year Seminar student


Last modified: April 16, 2024