Successfully Orienting Students (SOS)

SOS Orientation Leaders

Welcome to the Auburn Family!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Auburn University! Successfully Orienting Students is the orientation for all new students starting in the spring semester, and incoming transfer students starting in the summer and fall semesters. 

Below are your next steps:


Activate your student account.
Go to to set up your account. You will need your username and student ID number. Both pieces of information are in your acceptance letter.


Submit the enrollment deposit ASAP.
Log in to to submit the $250 non-refundable deposit to confirm your admission. You will see the payment due on your admitted portal.


Complete the new student modules and the Transfer Plan of Study.

The new student modules will:

    • Walk you through critical information to know prior to your orientation session
    • Explain the transfer plan of study which is an electronic form that is required if you are a transfer student
    • Facilitate communication with your academic advisor, so you know which classes you should take your first semester.
    • Prepare you to register for classes


You'll be added to the modules within a week of submitting your enrollment deposit. Watch your Auburn email for more information. You can also find the modules at The course is called Successfully Orienting Students.

We recommend summer/fall students complete the modules and submit your transfer plan of study as soon as possible and by March 15. This will ensure your advisor has time to review your information before your class registration time ticket opens in April. Spring students will begin to be added to the modules in early September.

It will take time for your advisor to review your information and send your suggested classes after you complete the modules. If you complete the modules after March 15 (summer/fall students), it may take your advisor longer due to the increased demand during the registration period. We encourage you to complete the modules as soon as possible and allow at least ten business days for your advisor to review your information before reaching out. Advisor contact information can be found in the new student modules. 


Register for classes.
In order to register for classes, you must have completed the new student modules, which include the transfer plan of study (if you are a transfer student). After your academic advisor has reviewed the information you have submitted, you will receive suggested classes to take your first semester. More details about when and how to register will be provided in the new student modules. Time tickets will begin opening in early April (summer/fall students). You must attend SOS to keep your class schedule.

Class Registration Frequently Asked Questions


Register to attend Successfully Orienting Students.
SOS registration is only available through AU Access. Directions can be found at You do not have to register for classes before registering for SOS; however, completing the new student modules is highly encouraged before participating in SOS. Please call First Year Experience at (334) 844-4501 if you have difficulty registering for SOS. Please note: The deadline to register for SOS is one week prior to the session you wish to attend. Anyone not registered by the deadline must attend a future SOS—no exceptions will be made.