Virtual Frequently Asked Questions


The questions below include scenarios for virtual sessions. 

Questions for Students

Registering for CWE

Are all students required to attend CWE?

Students are required to participate in orientation. Students who do not participate in orientation will not be cleared to register for classes until late July and will also be required to attend a one-day orientation session in August. Participation in a Camp War Eagle session is highly advantageous for incoming freshmen.

How do I know which session to register for and how long will my session last?

Virtual CWE sessions are intended only for students who are unable to be in Auburn at any point this summer. Each virtual session will take place across multiple days. One day will be your orientation information and will run from approximately 9 am - 5 pm CT. Zoom links will be provided. You will also take part in virtual academic advising. Please see the bottom of CWE Dates website for more details about virtual academic advising. Finally, on July 10, you will register for classes at 10 am CT. 

It should also be noted that selecting an earlier session of Camp War Eagle WILL NOT give you an advantage in registering for classes during your course registration period. There will be a similar distribution of seats in core classes provided for each course registration period so that all incoming freshman students who participate in CWE either in person or virtually have an equal chance of selecting necessary and desired courses. 

What is the fee for Camp War Eagle?

The Camp War Eagle fee for a virtual session is $75 per student. There is no fee for a parent or guest to attend a virtual session of CWE.   

Camp War Eagle fees are applied to your Auburn billing statement and will appear on the first eBill you receive for fall semester in mid-July. No payment is required at the time you sign up for CWE. 

Please note that all Camp War Eagle fees are assessed at the time of program registration and are NOT refundable.   

I have a disability. What accommodations can be made during CWE?

You’re able to inform us of any accommodation needs for you or your family when you register for CWE. If you did not inform us at that time, please contact the First Year Experience at We will make every effort to accommodate you to the best of our ability. 

You should also contact Auburn University’s Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096. Their staff will determine appropriate accommodations to provide support to you throughout your time at Auburn. More information can be found on the Office of Accessibility website. 

Is there a waitlist for orientation sessions?

The two sessions hosted virtually are capped and are first come, first served. We do not have a waitlist for CWE sessions. However, seats may become available. Please call our office at 334-844-4501 to see if your desired session has become available. 

What if I do not have access to a computer, laptop, tablet, reliable internet, or webcam?

Please contact the First Year Experience at We will try to assist you with your technology needs. 

CWE Session Details

When will I receive details about my CWE session?

You will receive a series of updates from the First Year Experience office to your Auburn account regarding your CWE session. Immediately after registering for your session, you will receive an automated session confirmation to your Auburn email.  In early May, a confirmation packet was posted on our website that contains includes things to do before your session, what to expect during your session, and information about some campus resources and involvement opportunities. Finally, approximately one week before your session date, you will receive an email to your Auburn account with information regarding your specific session.  

You will also receive communication from your academic advisors and other campus departments. It is critical that you check your Auburn email regularly and frequently. 

My friend and I are both attending the same CWE session. Can we be in the same group?

You will be randomly assigned to a small group of students. In order to create the best opportunity to meet new people, you will most likely not be grouped with other students from your hometown or high school.   

Academics and Course Registration

How do I change my major?

To change your major, go to your applicant portal. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, but at least one week prior to your session. 

When and how will I register for classes?

Course registration for fall semester will take place remotely. View for more information about the virtual academic advising process. Students who have participated in a virtual CWE session and completed all required academic advising responsibilities will be issued a “time ticket.”  The time ticket clears you to register for classes during your course registration period. All virtual students will register for classes on Monday, July 10 at 10am CT. Please make sure your calendar is clear on the date of your virtual CWE session, your academic advising meeting, and your course registration. Your academic advisors will be available to help you during course registration.   

How do I know what classes to register for?

In the virtual advising process, you will learn more about your curriculum and the classes you should enroll in for fall semester.

Will I have a better choice of classes if I participate in an earlier CWE session?

No. Participating in an earlier session of Camp War Eagle WILL NOT give you an advantage in registering for classes on your registration dayThere will be a similar distribution of seats in core classes provided for each registration day, so all incoming freshman students who participate in CWE have an equal chance of selecting necessary and desired courses.  

I have not yet submitted my medical forms. Will I still be able to register for my classes?

The Auburn University Medical Clinic requires all students to turn in a Medical Information Form prior to registering for classes. The medical form should be submitted electronically via Clearwave VacTrak on the AU Medical Clinic website. For more information, click here. 

Questions for Families & Guests

Are parents required to attend?

The Camp War Eagle family program is not required but is strongly encouraged. This program provides a wealth of information to parents and guests of incoming freshmen to better familiarize them with the university’s programs and services.  

The two sessions hosted virtually are capped by student and are first come, first served.  There is no limit to the number of parents or guests that may attend a virtual CWE session.   

If my student did not register me to attend CWE, how can I be added?

To be added to their session, please have your student email from their Auburn account with your name, relationship, and email address.

Still have questions?

First Year Experience can help with general questions or can refer you to the office who can assist with more specific questions. You can reach us by or (334) 844-4501.