Camp War Eagle Family Program

Parent Counselor talking with four mothers at lunch

The Camp War Eagle Family Program runs concurrently to the student orientation program whether on-campus or virtualStudents may register up to one parent or guest to participate with them during their CWE session. 

During the program, families and guests will have the opportunity to participate in activities to familiarize themselves with Auburn's campus and services. Some of these activities include information sessions about campus services, interaction with faculty and staff, and department breakout sessions with the students. While there are activities in which parents may interact with their students, the majority of Camp War Eagle will be spent with parents and students in separate programs. 

The cost of the on-campus family program is $75 per guest. All fees will be charged to the student's account and are non-refundable. No additional payment is required at this time. There is no fee for a guest to participate in virtual CWE. 

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General Information About Camp War Eagle