2018 Camp War Eagle Session Dates

Camp War Eagle Counselor holding sign

There are 10 sessions for Camp War Eagle, which are scheduled during the months of May, June, and July.

  • Session 1: May 24-25, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 2: May 31-June 1, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 3: June 7-8, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 4: June 11-12, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 5: June 14-15, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 6: June 21-22, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 7: June 25-26, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 8: June 28-29, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 9: July 9-10, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 10: July 12-13, Thursday-Friday

Some colleges and schools are not advising at every session of CWE. You are only able to attend a CWE session at which your college or school is advising. The 2018 Advising Schedule will be posted in Febrary. Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have regsitered for your CWE schedule.

Important Considerations

  • If you change your major after signing up for CWE, it is your responsibility to call the CWE office for a session change (if needed). If you attend CWE when your college/school is not advising, you will attend advising in a college unrelated to your major.
  • Please note that choosing an earlier session of Camp War Eagle does not guarantee a better class schedule, as a certain amount of seats are reserved for each group of freshmen at every session.
  • Earlier sessions of Camp War Eagle provide no advantage in purchasing football tickets since all freshmen are eligible to purchase them at the same time.
  • CWE sessions begin at 8:30 am on Day 1 and students should plan to leave no earlier than 3:30 pm on Day 2. Auburn, AL is in the CENTRAL time zone.
  • Please do not make flight or travel arrangements before you are officially registered for a CWE session.