SOS Program Information

Group of Transfer Students with Orientation Leader

Student Information

At SOS, students will have the opportunity to meet other transfer students in their academic college, interact with Auburn’s faculty and staff, tour the campus and discover the services offered by University offices while getting an overall introduction into life at Auburn. The SOS day begins at 7:45am for check in and students should plan to leave no earlier than 4pm for the March, April, May and November sessions. In the August and January, students should plan to leave no earlier than 1pm.

Students will be led through orientation by an Orientation Leader. The SOS Orientation Leaders are a group of undergraduate students who are chosen through an interview and selection process in the fall. These students undergo an extensive training program throughout the Spring Semester. The Orientation Leader will serve as a guide. Meet the Orientation Leaders!

The cost of attending SOS is $100 per student. To be able to register for SOS, you must submit your $200 confirmation deposit and Plan of Study. The $100 fee for SOS will be billed to the student's account. A confirmation email will be sent to the student’s Tigermail account after registration is completed. Pertinent information about SOS will be emailed to the student’s Tigermail account closer to the time of the session, so this account should be checked regularly.

Parent & Guest Information

During the program, parents and guests will have the opportunity to participate in many activities to familiarize themselves with Auburn’s campus and services. Some of these activities include information sessions about campus services, interaction with faculty and staff, and academic advising sessions with the students. While there are activities in which parents may interact with their students, the majority of SOS will be spent with parents and students in separate programs.

The cost of the Parent program is $50 per guest. All fees will be billed to the student's account. The SOS student and guest registration fees are non-refundable.