Camp War Eagle Student Program

Camp Counselor leading small group session

Out of concern for the health and wellbeing of you and the entire Auburn community, much of your orientation will be conducted online. While we know an online orientation cannot take the place of experiencing the beauty of our campus and the friendliness of the Auburn Family, the CWE staff has worked to ensure that the online approach provides you with a personal experience, welcoming you into the Auburn Family and establishing a foundation for your success and happiness as a student. Camp War Eagle 2020 will be broken up into three parts.

Part One: Online Canvas Modules

These modules will be hosted in Canvas, a Learning Management System. Many of Auburn's classes and faculty use Canvas, so this will preview what you may use in your future classes. 

You will be enrolled in your CWE module approximately one week prior to the start of your virtual session. During that week, our expectation of you is that you complete the modules prior to your virtual CWE session starting. The analogy we like to use is that this is similar to reading the textbook before you attend class. Reading will be an expectation in many of your classes, so that when you attend class, you have a foundation to understand what is being taught that day. It’s the same concept for CWE. We expect you to work through the modules so that during your CWE session you are able to ask more effective questions.

Part Two: Four Day Virtual Sessions

Throughout each four-day virtual session of Camp War Eagle, incoming Auburn freshmen will have the opportunity to meet other freshman students, interact with Auburn's faculty and staff, discover the services offered by University organizations and offices, and get an overall view of life at Auburn.

Below is an overview of the CWE Schedule. More specific details including where to log in for these presentations will be provided closer to your CWE session.

Day 1  
9am-12pm Tiger Talk* & Be the Creed*
12-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Tiger Talk*
3-5pm College Group Advising Session*
Day 2
8am-5pm Individual Advising Appointments (You will only be required to attend one ~30 minute appointment on day 2 or 3.)*
10 & 11am Campus Resource Breakout Sessions - Group A
3 & 4pm Campus Resource Breakout Sessions - Group B
5-5:45pm Tiger Talk*
6pm UNIV 101 for Families
Day 3
8am-5pm Individual Advising Appointments (You will only be required to attend one ~30 minute appointment on day 2 or 3.)*
10 & 11am Campus Resource Breakout Sessions - Group B
3 & 4pm Campus Resource Breakout Sessions - Group A
Day 4
9-9:30am Tiger Scheduler Overview*
9:30-1pm Drop in: College & Campus Partner Q&A
1pm Registration Overview*
1:30pm Registration Opens*

*=students are expected to attend.

Visual CWE Schedule

Visual schedule grid of CWE schedule. Times and details are the same as the schedule text above.

Click here for a PDF of the CWE Schedule and Breakout Sessions

CWE Presentations Defined:

These are common terms you’ll hear us use when discussing your CWE session:

Tiger Talks Small group meetings with other incoming freshmen led by current students (Camp War Eagle Counselors) throughout your session
Be The Creed Session about becoming a safe, healthy, and responsible member of the Auburn Family and  embodying the Auburn Creed
Breakout Sessions Presentations led by various Auburn departments and resources on Day 2 & 3 of your CWE session
Academic Advising Meetings with your academic advisor will be held throughout CWE in both group sessions and individual appointments before your course registration on Day 4
UNIV 101
for Families
Parent & Family Programs will share information about the transition to Auburn and how families play a key role in students’ success

The cost of participating in Camp War Eagle is $75 per student. To be able to register for Camp War Eagle, you must have submitted your $250 enrollment deposit. The $75 fee for Camp War Eagle will be billed to your account once you have registered. No additional payment is required at this time.

Sessions for Families: 

Below are a few sessions that are open to all guests to attend with your student.

    • Academic Advising Group Meetings (Day 1 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm)
    • Blue & Orange Breakout Sessions (Day 2 & Day 3) - you may attend with your student or on your own.
    • Individual Advising Appointments (Day 2 & Day 3) - students will receive more information from their academic college about scheduling this 30-minute appointment.
    • UNIV 101 for Families (Day 2 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm)

Throughout the week, your student will take part in small group discussions called Tiger Talks. Tiger Talks are primarily designed as student to student communication. Students will be expected to engage in discussion, connect with others, and provide feedback in various formats throughout their CWE session.

Unable to Host - Part Three: In Person July Sessions

Though the university will be reopening to in-person instruction and hosting events on-campus on a limited basis, there are health restrictions from the State of Alabama and the Centers for Disease Control which limit event size and require social distancing. These restrictions, while necessary, prevent us from offering a program to you that we believe would be both engaging and meaningful.

In the meantime, we will point our efforts toward August when our office and many others will offer events as part of Auburn's Welcome Week. More information about Welcome Week will be available as we get closer to the start of fall.

Click here to view an email that was sent on June 10 to incoming freshmen.