Camp War Eagle Student Program

Camp Counselor leading small group session

Camp War Eagle 2021

From May 17 through June 25, incoming students will be directed to complete three actions in advance of course registration: pre-enrollment modules, academic advising, and orientation (Camp War Eagle/CWE). Carefully read the information on this page to understand how to complete these requirements.


How do I complete each part?

Pre-enrollment modules

Students begin having access to the pre-enrollment modules on Monday, May 3. The information in the modules can be grouped into three categories: 

  • Information about your college and majorwill help prepare you for your academic advising meeting. The estimated time to complete this module is about 45 minutes, but may vary depending on your major.
  • Basic information about the university – must be completed before you attend Camp War Eagle or participate virtually in a session. The estimated time to complete this module is about 45 minutes. 
  • A series of assessments called “Connecting the Creed” – must be completed prior to Friday, June 25. The estimated time to complete this module is about 90 minutes. 
Academic Advising

Between May 17-June 25, you will be expected to participate in the academic advising process with your academic College or School (e.g., College of Agriculture, Harbert College of Business, School of Nursing, etc). All advising requirements will be met virtually and do not require coming to campus. While the process of advising varies from College to College, one thing remains constant: advising is a crucial part of your transition into Auburn. Please visit to learn more about the advising process for CWE. Additional information will be in the academic modules and shared through your Auburn email. 


Students will have two options for Camp War Eagle (freshman orientation) this summer. CWE will offer 14 one-day sessions hosted on campus. If you choose to attend one of these days, you will spend a full day (8 am – 5 pm) on our campus. You’ll be assigned to a small group led by a Camp War Eagle Counselor, and throughout the day you will become more familiar with the Auburn campus, interact with other new students, and learn more about many of the campus resources designed to help you succeed.

If you prefer a virtual option, Camp War Eagle will also offer several virtual sessions where you will still have a Camp Counselor and the opportunity to interact with other new students and to learn about campus resources. You only need to do one of these options – either one of the on-campus sessions or one of the virtual sessions. 

If you are registered for one of the on-campus sessions and the health situation on campus necessitates a change to our operational model, your session may convert to virtual. If this is the case, you will be expected to participatvirtually on that day. We will not be able to change you to a different session date to try and accommodate your coming to campus.  

You can view the on-campus student and guest schedule here. 

June 25 is the deadline to complete all three components listed above.

Students who have completed all three parts by June 25 will be cleared to register for classes. If you do not complete all three parts, your ability to register for classes may be impacted. 

How do I register for classes?

On June 25, all students who have participated in a Camp War Eagle session (on-campus or virtual) and completed all required academic advising responsibilities will be issued a “time ticket.”  The time ticket clears you to register for classes at a designated time. Your time ticket will be determined by the date of your Camp War Eagle session (see table below). There is no advantage to attending an earlier CWE session. Course availability will be proportionally divided across all registration times. 

Auburn students have access to a platform called Tiger Scheduler to help prepare for class registration. Tiger Scheduler allows you to enter your preferred classes and then quickly see all of the potential days and times those classes are available. While you can visit Tiger Scheduler at any time to see how it works, there is no value in searching for classes until 9 am CT the day before your time ticket opens. At this time, the actual seats available during your time ticket will be searchable in Tiger Scheduler. Tiger Scheduler can also help you identify several backup options, which is also recommended.

To determine your time commitment on this day, refer to your college advising plan. More information, including a link, will be provided in early May.

You will be registering remotely, so be sure you have good internet access on your registration days. It is recommended to use a computer or tablet during registration instead of your phone. Your academic advisors and the Camp War Eagle staff will be available to help you on these days as well.  


Timeline for entering freshmen

Use this timeline to guide you through when you should be completing each step. While there is no advantage to attending an earlier CWE session, it is recommended that you complete your required academic advising as soon as possible. 

Starting April 14

Your first step is to select a set of dates for orientation and class registration. The date of your orientation session determines the date on which you will register for classes. Please be certain to check your calendar when choosing your orientation and registration dates. There is no advantage to attending an earlier CWE session. Course availability will be proportionally divided across all registration times. 

When choosing your orientation session, you have the choice between on-campus sessions and virtual sessions. The 14 sessions hosted on campus are capped at 325 students and are first come, first served. The virtual sessions have a cap of approximately 100 students per session.

If you do not participate in one of the orientation sessions, you may not be cleared to register for classes. 

If your orientation session is You will plan your schedule on You will register for classes at 9 am CT on
 On-Campus - Monday, May 24
On-Campus - Wednesday, May 26
 On-Campus - Friday, May 28
Tuesday, June 29 Wednesday, June 30
 On-Campus - Wednesday, June 2
On-Campus - Friday, June 4
 On-Campus - Monday, June 7
Thursday, July 1 Friday, July 2
On-Campus - Wednesday, June 9
 On-Campus - Friday, June 11
Virtual - Tuesday, June 8
Tuesday, July 6 Wednesday, July 7
On-Campus - Monday, June 14
On-Campus - Wednesday, June 16
Virtual - Tuesday, June 15
Virtual - Tuesday, June 22
Thursday, July 8 Friday, July 9
On-Campus - Friday, June 18
On-Campus - Monday, June 21
Monday, July 12 Tuesday, July 13
On-Campus - Wednesday, June 23
On-Campus - Friday, June 25
Wednesday, July 14 Thursday, July 15

= on-campus session      = virtual session

Camp War Eagle registration opens Wednesday, April 14 at 1 PM CT.  

Early May 

In early May, begin working on the pre-enrollment modules housed in Canvas. The modules will prepare you for both your orientation session and your academic advising meeting. More information about the modules will be provided in an email to your Auburn email account. It is crucial that you check your Auburn email daily throughout the spring and summer. 


May 17 – June 25 

You are expected to complete academic advising remotely as directed by your College/School. This may include virtual group meetings, virtual one-on-one meetings, or other activities. Please visit to learn more about the academic advising process for CWE.

You are encouraged to complete your advising as soon as you can. Advising will begin on May 17. The deadline to complete your advising responsibilities is June 25. Please do not schedule any advising activity on the day of your CWE session. If you do not complete your academic advising by June 25, you may not be cleared to register for classes. 

Click this link to view the on-campus Student and Guest Schedules. 


June 29 – July 15 

You will have access to register for your fall semester classes based off the CWE session in which you participated (see table above). Your time ticket will open at 9 am CT. Registration will move quickly once your time ticket opens, so be ready promptly at 9 am CT. Registration will be conducted remotely, so be sure to have good Wi-Fi access on your registration day. Your academic advisors will be available to provide support during registration.