Student Program

Camp Counselor leading small group session

Camp War Eagle 2022

Throughout each two-day session of Camp War Eagle, incoming Auburn freshmen will have the opportunity to meet other incoming freshmen, interact with Auburn's faculty and staff, tour the campus and learn its history, discover the services offered by University organizations and offices as well as local businesses, and get an overall view of life at Auburn. If you prefer a virtual option, Camp War Eagle will also offer three one-day virtual sessions where you will still have an opportunity to interact with other new students and to learn about campus resources. All students will have the opportunity to meet with their academic advisor and register for fall classes. 

The Camp War Eagle Process

New Student Modules

New students will have access to a series of online modules. It is recommended that you review these modules before your orientation session. The information in the modules can be grouped into three categories:  

  • Information about your college and major 
  • Basic information about the university 
  • A series of required assessments called “Connecting the Creed” – must be completed prior to Friday, July 15. The estimated time to complete this module is about 90 minutes. 
Orientation Sessions

Students will have two options for Camp War Eagle (freshman orientation) this summer. CWE will offer 11 on-campus sessions. If you choose to attend one of these days, you should plan to spend two full days (Day 1:  7:30 am-midnight and Day 2:  7:30 am-5 pm) on our campus. You’ll be assigned to a small group led by a Camp War Eagle Counselor, and throughout the session you will become more familiar with the Auburn campus, interact with other new students, visit your academic college, and learn more about many of the campus resources designed to help you succeed. 

If you prefer a virtual option, Camp War Eagle will also offer three several virtual sessions where you will still have a Camp Counselor and the opportunity to interact with other new students and to learn about campus resources. You only need to do one of these options – either one of the on-campus sessions or one of the virtual sessions.  

The cost of attending an on-campus Camp War Eagle is $150 per student while virtual sessions are $75 per student. To be able to register for Camp War Eagle, you must have submitted your $250 enrollment deposit. Camp War Eagle fees will be billed to your student account. No additional payment is required when you register for CWE. 

When you register for a session, you will immediately receive a confirmation email in your Auburn email account. You will receive another email closer to your session date with pertinent information about your session. You should regularly and frequently check your Auburn email for other information related to your enrollment. 

Academic Advising & Course Registration

A component of your Camp War Eagle session will include academic advising with your college based on your major. For on-campus CWE sessions, students will be advised on Day 2 of their session. For virtual CWE sessions, students will have a virtual advising meeting on Monday following their session.  

After completing Camp War Eagle and academic advising, students will register for their classes virtually using AU Access. Your registration date is associated with your CWE session and can be found here. 

You will be registering remotely, so be sure you have good internet access on your registration days. It is recommended to use a computer or tablet during registration instead of your phone. Your academic advisors will be available to help you on these days as well.  There is no advantage to attending an earlier CWE session. Course availability will be proportionally divided across all registration times.