Secrets to Soar

Newsletters for Students Starting in Summer or Fall of 2018:

Volume 1 (2018)
June Newsletter: You will find updated information about getting student football tickets, choosing a dining plan, and lots of important dates.
Volume 2 (2018)
July Newsletter: You will find a helpful back to school checklist, tips for preparing to move to Auburn, and a preview of the new campus dining locations.
Volume 3 (2018)
August Newsletter, Issue 1: You will find more information about Welcome Week, a preview of some great service organizations and opportunities to get involved with, and tips for starting off strong.
Volume 4 (2018)
August Newsletter, Issue 2: You will find tips to avoid common first semester pitfalls, details about dropping a class, advice from the Office of Academic Support, and some important dates to remember as you start the semester.
Volume 5 (2018)
September Newsletter, Issue 1: You will find an introduction to what SGA has planned for the fall, writing tips from the Miller Writing Center, advice on how to email and impress your professors, and some important dates to remember.
Volume 6 (2018)
September Newsletter, Issue 2: You will find tips from an Academic Advisor, advice on preparing for a Career Fair, and helpful reminders about your transfer credits.
Volume 7 (2018)
October Newsletter: You will find answers to frequently asked questions about class registration, reminders about Tiger Scheduler, a note from the Involvement Ambassadors, and details about how to apply to be an SOS Orientation Leader.