SOS Class Registration

Auburn University offers entering transfer students a one-time opportunity to pre-register for their classes their first semester as an Auburn student. Being pre-registered is a great advantage because your advisor will register you for classes before you attend SOS. This tremendous advantage helps ensure that you are registered for the classes you need prior to current students registering for classes.

To qualify for this benefit, the following things must be completed by March 1 for students who are starting in Summer/Fall or October 1 for students starting in the Spring:

  1. Acceptance to Auburn University.
  2. Submission of the non-refundable $200 confirmation deposit.
  3. Submission of the Transfer Plan of Study electronically through AU Access

If you do not meet the pre-registration deadline, you will register after current Auburn students have gone through the registration process and after you attend SOS.

The benefit of pre-registration as a transfer student will not be offered again during your Auburn academic career.

If you meet the Pre-Registration Deadline (March 1-Summer/Fall or Oct 1-Spring), you will be registered for your first semester by your academic advisor and will receive your schedule of classes when you attend SOS. If you are starting in the summer, you will be registered for your summer and fall semesters. You may expect 5-7 hours for summer semester and 12 or more for fall semester. In order to receive this benefit, you must have either attended SOS or be registered for SOS and pay the tuition bill posted to your eBill in July/November. If these stipulations are not met, your schedule(s) may be dropped, and you must still attend SOS in August/January prior to registering for classes.

If you were unable to meet the Pre-Registration Deadline (March 1-Summer/Fall or Oct 1-Spring), you will meet with your academic advisor and receive registration instructions at SOS. Class selection will be highly reduced by the time you attend SOS. The sooner you attend SOS, the longer you will have to work on your schedule, and the more likely you will be able to obtain a full schedule of classes, although your schedule may not be finalized until August. Students who wait until the August SOS to register may struggle to obtain full-time hours. Students starting in the summer semester should plan to attend SOS on May 12 or before.

Spring Admission

Transfer students and freshmen planning to enroll spring 2019 should note the priority registration deadline is Oct 1, 2018. To be pre-registered for spring 2019 classes, you must be accepted, pay the tuition deposit in advance of the deadline, and submit the Plan of Study. Freshmen do not need to submit the Plan of Study. All pre-registered students must still attend SOS to claim that schedule. Students who do not meet that deadline will register for classes after attending SOS in either November or January. Attending SOS earlier is always better. Please be sure to also pay your tuition bill posted in November or your schedule may be dropped.