Transfer Pre-Orientation Modules

The modules will provide you useful information to help you communicate with your advisor so you can register for classes once your time ticket opens in November for students starting in the spring, and April for students starting in the summer or fall. You will also learn essential introductory information to better understand academics at Auburn University such as the advising process for your first semester, specifics about your academic college, and how to register for the in person orientation session.

Please follow the instructions below to access the modules. You will need to complete the first two modules including the survey at the end for your information to be sent to your advisor. You will also need to complete the Transfer Plan of Study which will be explained in the modules.

Summer and Fall students should not start the modules until January 15, 2020. 

If you are an online only student, you should not do this pre-orientation module. Please email for more information. 

1. Go to 

2. Enroll in the course

Screenshot of Auburn Catalog screen - Arrow pointing to button that says Enroll in Course

3. Select "Go to the Course" 

Screenshot of Auburn Catalog screen - Arrow pointing to button that says Go to the Course

4. Read the important reminders and click "Click here to begin module 1" to get started. 

Screenshot of Transfer Student Pre-Orientation Modules - Arrow pointing to link to start module "Click here to Begin Module 1"

5. Be sure to read all of the pages for Module 1 (Universal), Module 2 (College specific) and complete the survey at the end of the College Module. 

6. Wait for your advisor to reach out to you with more information. It may take up to seven business days and they will email your Tigermail account.  If it has been longer than seven business days, you can reach out directly to your advisor.


If you need to leave and re-enter the modules at a later time, go here to log in: You may need to click on the In Progress, Completed or Not Complete links to find the Transfer Modules.