Residential Learning Communities


Benefits of a Residential Learning Community (RLC)

Learning together: RLCs provide students with a residentially-based small group experience that enriches their in-class instruction and provides focused out-of-class activities. RLC members will live together and are co-enrolled in a first year seminar and two or three additional classes. Each RLC accommodates up to 20 students per cohort.

Living together: Not only will students in an RLC be in a themed first year seminar together, but will have the opportunity to live with others in the same themed cohort.

  • RLC Cohorts have a maximum of 20 students to provide a small group experience in the context of a large university.
  • All students take a first year seminar, which serves as the anchor course for the RLC experience.
  • Students are co-enrolled in a first year seminar and two to three additional courses (usually Core Curriculum courses).
  • RLC students have supportive classroom and living environments to help ease the transition to college life and college-level academics.
  • Students network with peer educators, staff members, and faculty members.
  • RLC students commit to participate in the fall and spring semesters of the first year.

RLC On-Campus Living

Students will live together in the following residence halls:

Steps to Join an RLC

  1. Complete the Auburn University Housing Application (2021-22 Application Opens: TBA)
  2. Submit University Confirmation Deposit 
  3. Apply to join a Residential Learning Community.  Application is currently CLOSED for fall 2020.
    • Application is available in AU Access > Student Menu > First Year Seminar and Learning Community Application.
  4. Complete the Camp War Eagle Application.

Last modified: April 30, 2020