2020-21 Themed First Year Seminars & Learning Communities


Discover strategies to get ahead by enrolling in a First Year Seminar or Learning Community. Exclusive to first-year students, these opportunities can help set you on a path to success at Auburn. Students work to improve critical academic skills such as time management, note taking, study strategies, test preparation, and effective reading techniques. Additionally, first-year students are grouped with peers who share similar majors or interests. Themes that are part of a learning community are noted by a course listed in the "associated courses" column.

Covid-19 Update

First Year Seminars & Learning Communities 

During CWE Session 

  1. Students can join any available TFYS and LC options.  
  2. Applications submitted are on a first-come, first-served basis.   
  3. To access the application, log-in to AU Access > Student Menu >  and select First Year Seminar and Learning Community Application.

UNIV1050: Success Strategies 

  1. In addition to the TFYS and LC options, students can register for UNIV1050: Success Strategies 
  2. This course can be added during open time tickets on Thursday of their CWE session. 
  3. Students can choose either UNIV1050, a TFYS, or LC 

Visit aub.ie/fys for more info, application instructions, and a list of available Themed FYS and Learning Communities.  

All Themed-FYS courses and Learning Communities are listed below.  Use the search bar the right to search for specific themes or sort the columns by clicking the arrows at the top of each column.

Themed First Year Seminar (TFYS) -  Students selecting a TFYS will be enrolled in only an FYS course with the indicated theme.  This course is 1-2 credit hours with 20 students and allows the flexibility for students to customize the rest of their class schedule around the FYS course.  Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of relating the class theme to academic skills necessary for success.

Learning Community (LC) -  LC cohorts are composed of 20 students who share a common interest or major.  Students are co-enrolled in an FYS and two to four additional courses (usually Core Curriculum courses).  Students have the benefit of taking the linked courses with the students in their FYS and will be pre-registered for these courses.  Students will then add additional courses to build the rest of their schedule during Camp War Eagle (CWE).  These linked courses are listed in the far right column below.

Residential Learning Community (RLC) - RLCs provide students with a residentially-based small group experience that enriches their in-class instruction and provides focused out-of-class activities. RLC members will live together in Teague Hall (Upper Quad neighborhood) or Tiger Hall (Village) and are co-enrolled in a First Year Seminar and two or three additional classes. Each RLC accommodates up to 20 students per cohort.

Ready to join? Click here for directions!

See above for COVID-19 Update for joining a Themed FYS & LC. 

  1. Complete First Year Seminar and Learning Community Application (Currently OPEN)
    • Application is available in AU Access > Student Menu > First Year Seminar and Learning Community Application.
    • Students interested in a Residential Learning Community need to complete the Housing Application prior to applying for an LC. RLC Application opens early February (visit RLCs for more info)
  2. Students are selected for learning communities based on a lottery system that will be conducted late spring.
  3. For students who missed the application period, remaining Themed FYS and Learning Communities will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis during Camp War Eagle.  (Note: Cohorts may fill prior to your CWE session and it is encouraged to complete the application prior to attending CWE)

Last modified: July 6, 2020