Camp War Eagle Frequently Asked Questions

Out of concern for the health and wellbeing of you and the entire Auburn community, much of your orientation will be conducted online. While we know an online orientation cannot take the place of experiencing the beauty of our campus and the friendliness of the Auburn Family, the CWE staff has worked to ensure that the online approach provides you with a personal experience, welcoming you into the Auburn Family and establishing a foundation for your success and happiness as a student. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding CWE 2020 below. 

Questions for Students

Are all students required to participate in CWE?

By participating in CWE, you will register for your fall semester classes as part of your session. Students who do not participate in CWE will register for classes at a one-day orientation session in August. Camp War Eagle is highly advantageous for incoming freshmen. 

Orientation is where you will learn about Auburn, ask questions, meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, and meet other people from the incoming freshman class. Participation in all Camp War Eagle events during your session is required. 

How do I know which session to register for, and what will my CWE session schedule look like?

Each CWE session will be open to all incoming freshmen so you should select a session that fits best with your schedule. The sessions dates can be found here. 

Please plan to be available from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT on the first day of your session, have ample availability to schedule your one-on-one meeting with your academic advisor on the second or third day, and then be available from 9 a.m. - p.m. CT on the fourth day. You will receive a more specific schedule closer to your session.  

It should also be noted that selecting an earlier session of Camp War Eagle  WILL NOT  give you an advantage in registering for classes. There will be a similar amount of seats in core classes withheld for each session of Camp War Eagle, so all incoming freshmen who participate in CWE have an equal chance of selecting necessary and desired courses. 

What is the fee for Camp War Eagle?

The Camp War Eagle fee is $75 per student. Camp War Eagle fees are applied to your account and will appear on the first eBill you receive for fall semester in mid-July. No payment is required at the time you sign up for CWE. 

Please note that all Camp War Eagle fees are assessed at the time of program registration and are NOT refundable. 

When will I receive details about my CWE session?

You will receive a series of emails from the First Year Experience office to your Auburn account regarding your CWE session. Immediately after registering for your session, you will receive an automated registration confirmation to your Auburn email. Shortly after registration, more details will be sent to your Auburn email that includes information to prepare you for your session. Finally, approximately one week before your session date, you will receive an email to your Auburn account with specific information regarding your session including details about accessing the pre-orientation modules. 

You will alsreceive communication from other campudepartments. Continue to check your Auburemail frequently.  

What if I need to change my session?

Once you register for CWE, it is preferred that you remain in that session. However, if a session change is necessary, please email our office at with all of your available options and we will assist you in finding another available session. Please email from your Auburn account. 

How do I change my major?

If you want to change your major, send the request to from your Auburn email account. Please make your request as soon as possible. The deadline to change your major for a CWE session is Thursday at 12 noon CT the week before your virtual session. Students who request a major change after that deadline will be presented with two options. The first option is to be advised in the current major and change majors after the virtual CWE session. The second option is to change to a later CWE session when you could be advised by your preferred college.

You can see a full list of Auburn’s majors and recommended plans of study in Auburn’s Bulletin -

I have a disability. What accommodations can be made during CWE?

Students should contact Auburn University’s Office of Accessibility at (334) 844-2096. They will determine what accommodations would be appropriate for a productive and enjoyable CWE experience, and share any necessary information with our office. More information can be found on the Office of Accessibility website. 

What if I do not have access to a computer, laptop, tablet, reliable internet, or webcam?

Please contact the First Year Experience at if this applies to you. 

How will I meet other students? Will I have an orientation leader?

You will be assigned an orientation leader – we call them Camp War Eagle Counselors. You will meet with a Camp War Eagle Counselor and a small group of incoming freshmen during your CWE session. 

What will be included in the pre-orientation modules?

These modules will include a series of information pages, videos, and links to resources to help preview the university's resources and your academic college. 

Questions about Academics

What if I am taking classes at Auburn in the summer?

Students who want to enroll at Auburn in summer 2020 should email their academic advisor. A listing of each school or college's advising office can be found here. If you are enrolling in one of Auburn’s two summer mini-semesters, make plans to select a Camp War Eagle session that falls outside of the mini-semester in which you are taking classes. 

If you are attending the full summer semester or both mini-terms, please note that when registering for CWE. Before your CWE session, a CWE staff member will contact you through your Auburn email to discuss your summer class schedule and the CWE schedule. 

When and how will I register for classes at Camp War Eagle?

A key part of Camp War Eagle will be a one-on-one meeting between you and an Auburn academic advisor. In this meeting, you will learn more about your curriculum and the classes you should enroll in for fall semester. These brief appointments occur in the middle two days of each Camp War Eagle session. You will have one brief appointment during these two days. You will be provided information on how to make an appointment on the first day of orientation. On the last day of each session, you will register for fall semester classes.    

Will I have a better chance of classes if I participate in an earlier CWE session?

No. Participating in an earlier session of Camp War Eagle WILL NOT give a student an advantage in registering for classes. There are a select number of core classes withheld for each session of Camp War Eagle so all students have an equal chance of selecting necessary and desired courses. 

Whether you choose the first or last session, you will have the same opportunity for classes. 

I have not yet submitted my medical forms. Can I still register for classes at CWE?

As you may be aware, Auburn requires that you complete the process of submitting your medical documentation through Clearwave VacTrak. There are currently two issues complicating this expectation. The first is an issue with the Clearwave system which is preventing many students from registering your email with the site. The second is the inability to obtain the required tuberculosis test, or in some cases, obtain verification of previous measles vaccinations (MMR), due to doctor’s offices being closed. 

In response to these issues, the Auburn University Medical Clinic has extended the deadline for medical form submission to 12 noon on Thursday, Sept. 3. This means that students participating in CWE will not be blocked from registration due to an incomplete medical form. It is recommended that you start the medical form as soon as you can before coming to Auburn for fall semester. However, all tuberculosis testing must be completed through the Auburn University Medical Clinic for the Fall semester. Likewise, if you are unable to produce documentation of your measles vaccination, or immunity to measles, then all measles related vaccination must be completed through the Auburn University Medical Clinic. The clinic will be offering tuberculosis testing and MMR vaccinations to students from August 6 – September 3. More information, including the fees for the testing and vaccinations, will be available on the Medical Clinic website. 

If you have any questions concerning the form, please call the AU Medical Clinic at (334) 844-4416. 

Questions for Students & Families

Do students and families go through CWE together?

The virtual small group sessions on the first day of Camp War Eagle are designed specifically to help students learn the university’s resources and meet with other incoming students. It is best if students attend those meetings by themselves.  

The Academic Advising meetings and the one-on-one meetings with the academic advisor are designed for students and family members to attend together.  

Camp War Eagle has traditionally hosted a robust parent and family orientation as well. At this time, no decision has been made on parent and family orientation for this summer. As those decisions are made, information regarding parent and family orientation will be available on our website. 

Still have questions?

First Year Experience can help with general questions or can refer you to the office who can assist with more specific questions. You can reach us by or (334) 844-4501.