Details About Your Camp War Eagle Session

Please read all information carefully. Click on each arrow for more information.

Things to DO before CWE

Test your username and password

Your username and password are important pieces of information. Before leaving home, please make sure you know both of these and can successfully log into AU Access (

Complete the Financial Obligation Agreement

You must complete your Financial Obligation Agreement before registering for classes. You can complete this agreement before coming to CWE by logging in AU Access (“My Academics” tab > “Student Records” section > “Financial Obligation Agreement” link).

Complete your Medical Information Form to clear your Medical Hold permanently

Upon acceptance to Auburn, students are placed on hold by the AU Medical Clinic pending your submission of required immunization records. If you have not submitted your Medical Information Forms to the Auburn University Medical Clinic via Clearwave, please do so as soon as possible to clear the hold permanently.

Complete an electronic Letter of Understanding (LOU) to clear your Medical Hold temporarily

If you are unable to complete the Medical Information form via Clearwave, you can clear the medical hold temporarily to allow for course registration at CWE by completing an electronic Letter of Understanding (LOU). You may access the LOU in AU Access (“My Academics” tab > “Student Records” section > “Temporary Waiver of Medical Hold” link). Completion of the electronic LOU will grant a temporary exception to the medical hold to allow you to register for classes at Camp War Eagle. The Medical Information Form must then be submitted via Clearwave within 30 days of your Camp War Eagle session.

Upload a photo for your Tiger Card
You can find more information about uploading your photo for your Tiger Card here. Please pay close attention to the Photo Guidelines listed. Photos that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. If your submitted photo is accepted at least three days prior to your Camp War Eagle session, you may pick up your Tiger Card at your session.
Prepare for course registration

One of the key components of Camp War Eagle is class registration. Registration occurs in the same system you logged into to sign up for CWE. Prior to attending CWE, make sure you review the following presentation to familiarize yourself with how the system works. View the video here: AU Access Video

Download the CWE schedule

You will receive a detailed schedule when you check in at your session, however we also encourage you to utilize Auburn Guides, a mobile app containing the CWE schedule and other resources. Auburn Guides is Apple and Android compatible. To download the app, visit the App Store/Google Play, or go to Once you have downloaded Auburn Guides, download the specific Camp War Eagle guide.

Register your emergency contacts

Register your emergency contacts at You will need your AU username and password to log in to the page. You will then be prompted for your cell phone number for emergency alerts (AU ALERT) and contact information for your parents and/or others you want notified if you’re involved in an emergency or crisis.

Take the Foreign Language Placement Test, if needed

Students who plan to take Foreign Language at AU are required to take the Foreign Language Placement test. Please refer to this link for more information:

Check the weather

We encourage you to check the forecast for Auburn before you pack. Remember, students will spend a lot of time outside. Parents will spend most of their time inside. (

Preparing for CWE

Packing for CWE

Please remember your: CWE parking pass; small amount of cash for activities; any medication needed; water bottle and sunscreen; backpack/tote to carry CWE materials; walking shoes; pillow, sleeping bag or Twin XL sheets, toiletries, and towels

What to wear

For students, almost all of Day 1 of CWE is outside, so please dress comfortably and be prepared to do a lot of walking. For evening activities on Day 1, there are several things planned around campus and downtown. You will be required to wear your CWE t-shirt to these events. Day 2 is mostly inside, although you will walk to and from advising and registration.

The vast majority of the Family Program is inside the AU Student Center. There is some walking from the Student Center to other locations. The air conditioning in the Student Center works very well, so if you are prone to being chilly, bring some sleeves.

Luggage Reminders

When you are packing your belongings, remember that everything you bring (including your bedding) must be contained in one suitcase and one personal bag. Please pack as lightly as possible. You will be carrying your luggage from a parking lot to your residence hall, so pack efficiently. Please be sure to label all of your belongings with your name and a telephone number.

Bring your Campus Map and Review where you will park for CWE

Please review the directions found here. The instructions vary depending on how you will arrive to CWE.

Please also view this Campus Map.

Arriving EARLY to CWE

Early Arrival for Students

If you indicated on your Camp War Eagle registration that you need to arrive on Wednesday or Sunday before your CWE session and you need a place to stay, then you are an “early arrival.” Please arrive in Auburn between 5:30 pm-7:00 pm on Wednesday or Sunday and go to the Village Parking Lot (click here for directions to this lot). We will give you the key to your room in the residence halls at this time. Throughout the evening Camp Counselors will walk groups of students to local restaurants for dinner. This meal is not included in your CWE fees, so please bring cash or some form of payment. There will also be some social activities planned that night. The residence halls will lock at 9:30 pm that night.

If you (student only) arrive after 7:00 pm on Wednesday or Sunday, please park in the Village Parking Lot and report to Talon Hall prior to 9:30 pm. You may call the Camp War Eagle on call number if you need assistance finding Talon Hall. The number is (334) 521-6026. During regular business hours (M-F, 7:45 am – 4:45 pm), please call (334) 844-4501.

If you are coming to Auburn from the Atlanta airport on the Groome Transportation shuttle, you can request to be dropped off at the Village Residence Halls on War Eagle Way, preferably at either 5:30 pm, 6:45 pm or 8:00 pm. If you arrive at a different time or location please call the CWE on-call number, (334) 521-6026.

It is not necessary to contact us if your plans have changed regarding your early arrival status. Whether you signed up to be an early arrival but are not coming in early, or if you did not sign up to be an early arrival but now need to be one, just adjust your plans accordingly. We will be prepared either way.

Early Arrival for Parents/Guests

There is no check in for you on Sunday or Wednesday. If you are staying overnight at The Hotel at AU, please come to the hotel lobby Thursday or Monday morning between 7:15 am – 8:00 am. Camp staff will be there to direct you. If you are not staying at The Hotel at AU, please come to the Village Parking Lot near The Village residence halls on Thursday or Monday morning between 7:30 am – 8:30 am Central Time. You will be directed to the Student Center from there either on foot or transported via Tiger Transit bus.

Things to KNOW about CWE

Transfer and dual enrollment credit

If you are transferring courses to Auburn from other institutions, you may see these classes show on your unofficial transcript as pending credit. To view your unofficial transcript, login to AU Access, navigate to the My Academics tab and click the Unofficial Transcript link in the Student Records section (middle of the page). A pending credit means that the course is in the process of being evaluated by the relevant department at Auburn University. Once the credit has been articulated, it will automatically be updated on your record/unofficial transcript. If you have any questions about pending credits please contact your academic advisor. If you don’t see your transfer work on the unofficial transcript or if there are courses missing, send in a final transcript from your transferring institution to Enrollment Services at 1550 East Glenn Avenue, Suite 1210, Auburn, AL 36849.

AP/IB Credits

AP Scores will be posted by the Office of the Registrar once they have been received. Please allow through the end of the summer for your scores to be updated on your academic record. Your academic advisor will let you know how your Fall schedule should be built based on the AP scores you are waiting to receive. Auburn’s acceptance of AP scores can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s site at the web address If you have any questions about this process, you may email

Learning Communities

In your CWE confirmation packet, there was information on learning communities (LCs). Limited space is still available. If you are interested, please visit

If you have already signed up for a learning community, you have been pre-registered for the classes associated with it.