Ace That Class


The Ace That Class series, hosted by First Year Experience, is designed to connect student participants with faculty, staff and campus departments at Auburn through educational panels and interactive workshops. Throughout the year, students are able to attend interactive sessions centering around topics such as time-management, reading difficult material, taking effective notes, and many other useful topics for college students wishing to succeed academically. See below for current and upcoming Ace That Class sessions!

  • By working to incorporate and collaborate with different staff and faculty members across campus, Ace That Class connects participants with different resources on campus to increase students’ network of support here at Auburn.
  • Connecting with staff, faculty, and other students on campus allows students to broaden their social circles, learn more about the experiences of other members of our campus community, and form a deeper connection with our university.
  • Through the interactive format of this FYE series, Ace That Class allows students to engage with the content being discussed by providing them with opportunities to interact with faculty members on our panels and participate hands-on in our workshops.
  • Ace That Class offers a wide variety of panels and workshops with educational themes meant to increase students’ success both in and out of the classroom.
  • Through the involvement of faculty, staff, and campus departments, Ace That Class is able to provide professional insight from our very own Auburn educators on how to perform well in college-level courses.

Spring 2021 Series

Registration Assistance

In Person Drop-In Format

Tuesday 13 April

Student Center 2223 -- 8:00am-4:00pm

No Registration Needed, Bring Your Own Device

Registration time is here! Swing by our drop-in session to get live help from Staff, CWE Counselors, and Peer Instructors with registering for your spring classes.

Drop-ins welcome!

Last modified: March 29, 2021