Living-Learning Communities

NOTE: LLC Applications are no longer being accepted for Fall 2017.

Auburn University will begin offering living-learning communities (LLCs) to incoming freshmen beginning in the Fall 2017 semester. Students, faculty members, and staff members choose to participate in LLCs because they enjoy the opportunity for enriched in-class instruction and focused out-of-class learning experiences. Living-learning communities differ from learning communities in that students in LLCs live together in the same on-campus residence hall in addition to taking select courses with one another.



  • LLC Cohorts have a maximum of 19 students to provide a small group experience in the context of a large university.
  • All students take a first year seminar, which serves as the anchor course for the LLC experience.
  • Students are co-enrolled in a first year seminar and two to three additional courses (usually Core Curriculum courses).
  • LLC students have supportive classroom and living environments to help ease the transition to college life and college-level academics.
  • Students network with peer educators, staff members, and faculty members.
  • LLC students commit to participate in the fall and spring semesters of the first year.
  1. Complete the University Housing and Residence Life Application (opens October 10, 2016)
  2. Complete the Camp War Eagle Application (opens March 20, 2017)
  3. Apply to join a Living-Learning Community by calling 334.844.5721 (closes May 1, 2017)

Students have the opportunity to join two themed living-learning communities: Live Green, Save Green and Success Through Sports.

  • Live Green, Save Green – It is possible to be “green” and save “green” – both in the monetary and environmental senses. Students who participate in this learning community will explore the broad scope of issues involved in the sustainability movement and their impact on modern society and the environment. Topics will include current events, trends, and social/economic issues; emerging green technologies; economic and environmental impacts of actions; and the economic advantages and disadvantages to adopting sustainable practices. Students will explore issues through discussion, activities, reading, writing, teamwork, and community service – all of which will be centered on the theme of sustainable living and decision-making. (1 section; 19 students)
  • Success Through Sports – Are you a fan of sports? Ever wonder how sports impact social and academic success? This learning community will explore how being a fan of sports can positively impact your academic success as an Auburn University student while looking at hot topics in sports. There are many correlations to being a sports fan and a student, and you can direct the passion, knowledge, and excitement of sports towards becoming a highly successful college students. (1 section; 19 students)

Students in either of the Living-Learning Communities in Fall 2017 will live in Teague Hall, which is located in the Upper Quad.

Students have the following roommate options:

  1. Randomly be assigned a roommate (roommate may be in the same LLC)
  2. Select their own roommate (roommate is not required to be in an LLC)
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