Frequently Asked Questions

What is a learning community?

Learning communities (LCs) are groups of 19 students who share a common interest or major. LC students take several classes together in their first fall and spring semesters, including a first-year seminar (FYS) – a course that focuses on improving critical academic skills, making campus connections, and transitioning to college. LC students take two-to-three additional courses, which may include an introductory course for your major and Core Curriculum courses such as English Composition or History. Additional organized activities related to the LC topic may be included.

Why should I consider joining a learning community?

Why not? A learning community is the easiest way to learn about all the resources and policies you need to know at Auburn and to get involved on campus. Through your participation in a learning community, you not only make friends but also learn about other opportunities to get involved.

What are the benefits to joining a learning community?

There are many benefits to participating in a learning community. For starters, you will already be pre-registered for several classes before you arrive at Camp War Eagle! You’ll also meet other students with common interests, get to know faculty members and academic advisors in your college or school, and explore major and career options. All of these benefits help you make a successful transition to college.

How do I apply?

The learning community application will become available online in late March 2018. Click here to sign up for our priority notification list to be notified of updates related to the application process. Students are selected for learning communities based on a lottery system that will be conducted late spring.

What else is required of learning community students?

You decide how involved you want to be in your learning community. The only requirement is that you take the courses designated for your learning community, but to take full advantage of the program, you can take this opportunity to meet other students, form study groups, participate in programs, attend special events, and get to know faculty members.

Do I have the option to live in the residence halls with my learning community?

Two learning communities for the 2017-2018 year have an on-campus component: Live Green, Save Green and Success Through Sports. Students who join these LCs must live in Teague Hall in the Upper Quad. You MUST apply for University Housing to be eligible for these options. Click here for more details.
All other learning communities are purely academic. This means that signing up for one of these learning communities will have absolutely no effect on your on-campus housing eligibility or placement. Students are not required to live in the residence halls to participate in a learning community.

Are the learning community classes ones I am required to take with my major?

The first year seminar (FYS) is a one- or two-hour elective course that focuses on improving critical academic skills, making campus connections, and transitioning to college. The FYS course will help you ‘Finish in 4’ by providing you with a solid set of skills to boost your confidence and increase your success in all of your college classes. Nearly all other courses taken with the learning community meet Core Curriculum requirements, which must be completed in order to graduate. See your academic advisor for details.

How is joining an LC different from taking a first year seminar on my own?

There are multiple sections of first year seminars that you can take without being a part of a learning community (LC).
If you join an LC, however, you will already be registered for a first year seminar and two-to-three Core Curriculum courses before you attend Camp War Eagle. By taking other courses with your LC, you will be in classes with 18 other students whom you already know. This can help make large lecture classes feel a little smaller.

What if I have AP/IB/dual enrollment credit for a class listed with the LC I am interested?

Students must remain in the first year seminar and at least ONE of the other classes with their learning community. If you have college credit for one of the classes with your preferred learning community, you can simply drop that class and register for a replacement. If you have credit for all the classes with your preferred learning community, we encourage you to keep searching to find an LC better suited for you. If you have any incoming credit you are encouraged to have a conversation with your academic advisor at Camp War Eagle.

Can I join an LC if I am in the Honors College?

Students can participate in a learning community and the Honors College at the same time. Just remember that classes associated with the learning communities are not Honors sections. You will need to register for Honors courses separately.

What if I change my major during my first year and I've signed up for a major-based LC?

Even if you change your major mid-year, we encourage you to stay enrolled in your learning community to continue building the relationships you form during the fall semester. Since most LC courses are Core Curriculum courses, you will need them regardless of major.