Residential Learning Communities


FYS - First Year Seminar course; taught as a standalone course with a theme if indicated. 

LC - Learning Community; taught as a themed FYS course with associated pre-registered core classes. 

Business: Harbert Hello

Harbert Hello is an introduction course to the Harbert College of Business. The focus of this course is to orient students to Harbert College’s student services and academic majors. Through experiential learning, students will participate in self-exploration activities, establish community amongst the Freshmen class, and engage with faculty , staff, upperclassmen, alumni, and potential employers.

Fall 2018 Courses                                                                         Spring 2019 Courses

UNIV 1150  First year Seminar (1)                                                                      PHIL 1040 Business Ethics (3)

HIST 1010 World History I (3)                                                                             HIST 1020 World History II (3)

BUSI 1010 Contemporary Issues in Business Administration I (1)

Engineering: Becoming a World Class Engineering Student

This residential engineering learning community will focus on what it takes to become a "world-class" engineering student. Each week students will learn about the field of engineering while developing the academic enabling behaviors known to help college student succeed. Students will be paired with an upper-level engineering student as a mentor, and academic support programming will be available in the residence. The final project for the course requires students to describe their own process of deciding on engineering as a field of study, reflecting on course content, activities, and research conducted in this course.

Fall 2018 Courses                                                                         Spring 2019 Courses

UNIV 1150  First year Seminar (2)                                                                     POLI 1090 American Government in a Multicultural World (3)

HIST 1010 World History I (3)                                                                            ENVD 2040 Design, Invention, & Society(3)

ENGR 1100 Engineering Orientation (0)                                                            ENGR 1110 Engineering Orientation (2)

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