First Year Seminars by Major


FYS - First Year Seminar course; taught as a standalone course with a theme if indicated. 

LC - Learning Community; taught as a themed FYS course with associated pre-registered core classes. 

Engineering: Becoming a World Class Engineering Student

This course will focus on helping students design their individual process of becoming a world-class engineering student. We will focus on the academic enabling behaviors and skills engineering students need to be successful in the classroom.

College of Agriculture: Transfer Students
The COAg Transfer Student seminar is a great transition course for students who are new to the College of Agriculture and Auburn University as a whole. Students will be equipped for success academically and professionally. Students will also have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and upperclassmen who will support them throughout their college career with this community-centered introduction to the College of Agriculture.
College of Science & Math: Transfer Students
The goal of this learning community is to help transfer students integrate and succeed in their COSAM majors. Students in this learning community will explore the importance and requirements for attending graduate and/or professional school, career options in STEM, and understanding the benefits of participating in scientific research, as well as academic strategies and resources for success in STEM majors.

Last modified: May 7, 2018