UNIV1060: Success Strategies II

Success Strategies II is offered as an elective course to help students continue to make a successful transition to college life. This course provides in-depth opportunities to explore strategies for academic success through discussion, activities, reading, writing, teamwork, and community service. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of refining academic skills, actively exploring career options, improving time management, honing test- and note-taking skills, increasing reading comprehension, and continuing the process of personal development. The Success Strategies II course also helps students identify and access the support services and resources of the University.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Will identify, apply, and evaluate a variety of advanced learning strategies.
  • Will evaluate and modify existing strategies specific to reading, note-taking, studying, and test-taking.
  • Will demonstrate higher-order critical and creative thinking skills by analyzing and solving academic, professional, and personal problems.
  • Will identify and employ effective help-seeking behaviors concerning academic success and personal wellness.
  • Will demonstrate increased understanding of the learning process and the role it plays throughout the lifespan.
  • Will demonstrate clear and concise communication skills through a variety of written assignments.
  • Will evaluate and modify self-management techniques concerning time, energy, and money management.
  • Will create a plan to increase intrinsic motivation to succeed in college.
  • Will demonstrate self-discipline by creating a plan to take personal responsibility for behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Will examine persisting transitional issues and assess their impact on daily life.
  • Will demonstrate increased awareness of the effects of decisions on personal and academic success.
  • Will demonstrate knowledge of academic policies and procedures.